Swedish technology and innovation gathering

Innovation and networking at its best. Two intensive and full scheduled days at the Swedish Innovation Parliament of 2017 have been held in Linköping and Norrköping. I’m happy about all meetings and innovative people I got the opportunity to meet those days. The days have been full of interesting talks with the digital transformation in focus. … Mer Swedish technology and innovation gathering

Tech heads for sustainability with women power

International Women’s Day has passed with lots of super interesting events all around, with no possibility to attend everything you want. As I were one of the lucky ones getting hold of a ticket to WIT, Women in Tech 2017, my choice were quite simple. The conference brought a lot of inspiration from women leaders … Mer Tech heads for sustainability with women power

The Chamber of Commerce donates mini computers to Järvaskolan

Coding is becoming the new reading comprehension and school is an extremely important platform for developing the digital understanding. Society is digitizing at a faster rate and programmers are already a profession where we see a lack of competence. In order to help promote programming at school, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce today has donated a … Mer The Chamber of Commerce donates mini computers to Järvaskolan

Thank you Almedalen

Digitalization, inclusion, sustainability… There have been really intensive, inspiring and educating days in Almedalen. Some of what I were about to attend I have shared with you before, and everything turned out fine. The seminar at Hej Digitalt and Dagens Industri was realy fun to be part of, so smart people, interesting talks and laughs … Mer Thank you Almedalen

Inclusion and equality in tech and culture in Almedalen

Now it’s only about hours left until the big event Almedalsveckan begins. The world’s largest democratic venue as the organizers of the week describes it. There’s a program that makes you want to clone yourself more than ever, offering over 3 700 events and seminars it’s about time to do your schedule if not done … Mer Inclusion and equality in tech and culture in Almedalen

How code can generate creativity and equality

The digitalization of school and the lack of women in tech are two important tasks we need to solve. The tech industry is struggling with skewed recruitment both in background and gender. Many countries are also facing other challenges such as how to integrate tech and digital education in school. It starts here! Not only … Mer How code can generate creativity and equality

Tips inför Almedalen

Snart är det dags för Almedalen igen och med detta otaliga intressanta seminarier och debatter att delta i. Det är inte lätt att hålla koll på allt som händer eller att välja heller för den delen. Här är några tips inom kommunikation, film och jämställdhet. Arrangerar du något och behöver hjälp med detta eller något … Mer Tips inför Almedalen

Summary of WIT2015

The mission of WIT, Women In Tech, is to inspire talented women to consider a future in media and technology. It’s supposed to provide network and expertise and that wish was really fulfilled at Musikaliska in Stockholm last week. The tickets for the event could have been the double, lots of people wanted to join. … Mer Summary of WIT2015