The fusion of art and technology

Programming? A lot of people assume that it’s too difficult to perform, and equally as hard to understand. But, is it really that incomprehensible? Of course not! Over time, more and more people are beginning to understand programming and discover the joy that comes with it.

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of introducing coding into classrooms. First, and perhaps most importantly, students must understand what coding is. Some suggest abandoning creative lessons that involve paper, paints and markers, wood and fabric. But, is that really necessary — or even a good idea?

We’ve recently come across several situations where integrating technology with hands-on creative projects have become great pieces of art. People have used the different opportunities technology provides to give life to art.

Quirkbot, a little character that teaches programming, electronics and mechanics while building creations, brings them to life in anyway the creator wishes. It’s as much a hackable toy as a teaching instrument. This makes Quirkbot the perfect tool to have fun with while providing digital understanding and programming basics.

The artist Camia Pia Pettersson is one of those creative people that has discovered the possibility to give her art life. Programming has transformed her traditional illustrations to living, moving pieces of art. This is just one way of adding an extra dimensions to art. What kid doesn’t want their creations to come alive?

Integrating art and creative “building” with mathematics or other core subjects helps students to better understand the concepts. For example, how can you build a bridge to withstand the wind and where should the center of gravity be? Or, how can a painting be supplemented to obtain a three-dimensional sense of movement? There is an abundance of great challenges that give children the opportunity to learn while having fun. As an added bonus, they’re also inadvertently learning programming!

So, let your creativity flow with your peers, as well as your students. Have fun co-creating! With the possibilities found in tools like Quirkbot, you’ll never run out of creative ideas. And best of all — you’ll get a better understanding of the digital world and learn programming at the same time.

What will be your next invention? A car made from an old cup, robotic machine, spaceship?
This text was first published at Creatubbles, a safe global community for creators of all ages, a space for children, families and teachers to create and share their projects as well as interact with other creators.



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