Meetings for feature film production and gender equality in Cannes

Female power in Cannes! Lot’s of great things have been on the schedule in Cannes where the #metoo movement really has been in focus from several directions.

Cannes beach

One of them were the powerful at the Palais. Women in film did it again! Cate Blanchett spoke at the top of the main stairs of Cannes Palais, there in accompany by 81 other women marching for gender equality in the film industry. The number of women, 82 in total, were a reference to the number of female directors who have climbed the steps of the Palais since the beginning of the Cannes film festival in 1942. In the same period, 1 866 male directors ascended the very same stairs.

Big screen showing red carpet with people gathered on it

Variety and Wifti International invited to a cocktail with the opportunity to getting to know lots of nice people in the industry, discuss filmmaking and gender equality. Before this the seminar “Working for change: Filmmaking In the New Landscape” were held, where discussions about the differences between countries were one thing that were addressed. There are more women directors in France than US. Why?A women in front of a photo wall with the text Variety, Cannes Film festival 2018 och WiftFive people sitting in chairs on a stage talking, the text Wift in the background

Kristina Börjesson from Swedish Film Institute highlighted that you can’t let yourself feel comfortable, you have to keep working with equality and question things. We are not done yet, we need to keep on working. Still we have the unfair situation were men get more and bigger opportunities after have done some (small) things. Women do not even if they have done lots of things – with less resources.

Take Two: Next moves for #metoo

It was such a boost to listen to Eva Röse, opening the seminar “Take Two: Next moves for #metoo”. Amazingly engaging, about how we will speak through to power and that good intentions are not enough! It’s not about women against men, it’s about creating a better world for all of us, no matter taste, gender and to be more ourselves. We will speak through to power, good intentions are not enough. You don’t have to be an asshole to create great art. Times up!

A woman talking on a stage

Alice Bah Kuhnke, Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy, were as engaging. “We can create magic if we decide to do so!”. She can’t stand if nothing happens and said that we need to make a change, that we need to talk about sexual harassment – times up! And change requires strong leadership. Leaders need to make sure that all are aware of the problems and that they take decisions that leads to change.

I hope that more women will get the opportunity to be part of the business on the same terms as men. We are many who want to be part of it but are faced with injustices where men gained benefits and passed before and by us women. I’m about to produce my first feature film, to do that I need good collaborations and want nothing but to do it together with committed people who want to contribute to a healthy industry. I do hope I will meet people that agree with me on that. After lots of meetings in Cannes about the film I’m hopeful, and will continue the work to fulfil this dream.

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