An engagement driven communication agency


VMG is a Stockholm-based freelance communications agency, run by me, Anna Velander Gisslén.

Photo: Anna Gerdén

I am a communication consultant, project manager and public speaker with many years of experience of having both operational and strategic roles. The work focuses primarily on film, culture, society and digitalization with film launches and productions, television and other culture and community-engaging projects and companies.

Deep knowledge in feature film- and TV business and used to work in tech and start up environments, specialization in the fields of media, accessibility and sustainability.

I am passionate about the digital evolution, committed in making content available in an attractive and including way as well as raising peoples’ digital understanding. I believe digital innovation will answer many problems of today, such as environmental issues, as well as inclusion for all; and that programming knowledge is a matter of democracy.

How am I different?

Engagement! I am an engagement driven person, where passion runs through my work. I am focused on creating communication that draws on gender equality and inclusion, to strive towards a sustainable society. No matter if it is a feature film, project managing, workshop or lecture, the mission is to reach the goal while making good at the same time.





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