Meetings for feature film production and gender equality in Cannes

Female power in Cannes! Lot’s of great things have been on the schedule in Cannes where the #metoo movement really has been in focus from several directions. One of them were the powerful at the Palais. Women in film did it again! Cate Blanchett spoke at the top of the main stairs of Cannes Palais, … Mer Meetings for feature film production and gender equality in Cannes

Titanpriset går till #metoo-uppropen

Wow, detta är helt fantastiskt och obeskrivligt underbart!!! Titanpriset på årets Guldägget går till samordningsgruppen för #metoo-uppropen. For an English version, click here Jag är så glad och stolt över att vara del av detta oerhört kompetenta, drivna och underbara gäng som alla kämpar för att åstadkomma förändring. Guldägget är Sveriges äldsta och största kommunikationstävling … Mer Titanpriset går till #metoo-uppropen

#metoo-uppropens krav för ett tryggare Sverige

Som uppföljning och fortsättning på höstens #metoo-rörelse har vi, 65 olika upprop, formulerat och överlämnat sju åtgärdsförslag till jämställdhetsministern. Klick here for an English version Tisdag den 6 mars framfördes kraven i en debattartikel publicerad i Dagens Nyheter. Bakom artikeln och kraven står upprop från olika sektorer, yrkesgrupper, etniciteter och funktionsvariationer. Tillsammans har vi arbetat … Mer #metoo-uppropens krav för ett tryggare Sverige

Eco design

Design has a huge impact on a product or service ecological footprint. In order to get students to be aware of, and more focused on, sustainable solutions the educations need to have this important mindset in place. During one course at Beckmans College of Design, where I have been teaching sustainability, the students have focused … Mer Eco design

After #metoo, what actions do we take?

This has been planned since long, but is now more actual and important than ever. A panel talk about transparency and sexism in the film industry during Stockholm International Film Festival: Hollywood is reacting, but how are we doing in Scandinavia? Women should be able to pursue their careers without having to accept unwanted sexual … Mer After #metoo, what actions do we take?

Tech heads for sustainability with women power

International Women’s Day has passed with lots of super interesting events all around, with no possibility to attend everything you want. As I were one of the lucky ones getting hold of a ticket to WIT, Women in Tech 2017, my choice were quite simple. The conference brought a lot of inspiration from women leaders … Mer Tech heads for sustainability with women power

Culture for all

This week, I’ve attended Culture for all in Helsinki, days full of inspirational insights to be more including. Being both lecturer and participant, I’m happy about those days that offered me both new knowledge as well as new, interesting contacts. A couple of things to mention specially after those days, to make your business more accessible and … Mer Culture for all

Vem får vi se på bioduken?

Jämställdhetsarbetet i svenska filmbranschen har blivit världsberömt men speglas detta på bioduken? Leder en mer jämställd produktion i Sverige även till större mångfald av det vi får se på vår biograf? De senaste fyra åren har Svenska filminstitutet satsat på att få en jämställd filmbransch. Tidigare i år presenterades siffror som visade att det har … Mer Vem får vi se på bioduken?

What do the cinema offer you? Diversity or sexism?

The work for equality in the Swedish film industry has become internationally famous. But does that really come to life also of what we get to see at the cinema? The past four years Swedish Film Institute has worked hard to get an equal film production. Earlier this year they could present that it has … Mer What do the cinema offer you? Diversity or sexism?