Tech heads for sustainability with women power

International Women’s Day has passed with lots of super interesting events all around, with no possibility to attend everything you want.

As I were one of the lucky ones getting hold of a ticket to WIT, Women in Tech 2017, my choice were quite simple.

The conference brought a lot of inspiration from women leaders and of course lots of digital input. As I continuously talk about, the digital evolution will contribute to solutions for challenges like the global warning.

Internet of things

Ecosystems will contribute to bring companies together to a better world. A starting point for companies using IoT to reach sustainability; a vast area, can be small, like “can I optimise our office space?”.

Above all facts and knowledge you gain a day such as this, it is awesome to hear so many stories in a men dominated area. Like Cristina Stenbeck, Kinnevik, Sara Hermansson, Head of hybrid and electrified powertrain projects at Scania, Pearly Chen, Chariwoman & CEO at HTC and Renata Chlumska, adventurer. They were all – from different perspectives, very fun to listen to.

And one other thing is of course also all the people you get to meet in the breaks, both long time friends and new contacts.

It is possible to change! We can reach an equal business, but we need to keep going and push each other forward!



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