Eco design

Design has a huge impact on a product or service ecological footprint. In order to get students to be aware of, and more focused on, sustainable solutions the educations need to have this important mindset in place. During one course at Beckmans College of Design, where I have been teaching sustainability, the students have focused … Mer Eco design

Education and inspiration to reach circular business

I’ve spent some days in Gdynia, planning for the EcoDesign Circle team’s work regarding circular tools. The project aims to increase knowledge about eco-design in the Baltic region’s small and medium-sized companies, designers and design organizations. This will in turn lead companies to create methods that benefit from eco-design. A nice visit in a town … Mer Education and inspiration to reach circular business

Swedish technology and innovation gathering

Innovation and networking at its best. Two intensive and full scheduled days at the Swedish Innovation Parliament of 2017 have been held in Linköping and Norrköping. I’m happy about all meetings and innovative people I got the opportunity to meet those days. The days have been full of interesting talks with the digital transformation in focus. … Mer Swedish technology and innovation gathering

Tech heads for sustainability with women power

International Women’s Day has passed with lots of super interesting events all around, with no possibility to attend everything you want. As I were one of the lucky ones getting hold of a ticket to WIT, Women in Tech 2017, my choice were quite simple. The conference brought a lot of inspiration from women leaders … Mer Tech heads for sustainability with women power

Design för hållbarhet

Design är grundläggande för hur hållbar en vara eller tjänst blir. Viktig aspekt att tänka på i alla sammanhang. Jag var inbjuden att tala om hållbarhet och ekodesign på en “Alternativ Julmarknad”, tillägnad hållbar och kreativ konsumtion. Det var föreläsningar med fokus på cirkulär ekonomi och hållbart näringsliv som stod på agendan. Att design är … Mer Design för hållbarhet

Thank you Almedalen

Digitalization, inclusion, sustainability… There have been really intensive, inspiring and educating days in Almedalen. Some of what I were about to attend I have shared with you before, and everything turned out fine. The seminar at Hej Digitalt and Dagens Industri was realy fun to be part of, so smart people, interesting talks and laughs … Mer Thank you Almedalen