Conference about circular economy

Circular economy and sustainability, topics that are discussed in many different contexts today. That’s positive, we need to change and move towards the circular, away from the old linear economy.

The network NMC arranged a conference to inspire and help companies move forward in this direction. The theme of the conference were “How do we accelerate the transition to a circular economy? – Barriers, challenges and opportunities”.

Illustration with a paper with a pencil and rubber, planet earth next to them

Several interesting talks and lectures focused on the circular aspects from different angles. Keynote speaker Peter Hopkinson, Bradford School of Management, England highlighted the problem with the car industry. Do we really need the car in the way we think? Most of the time it is not used and we’re often only one person travelling in it…

Workshop as summary

Amir Rashid, Assistant professor at KTH held a workshop as closing of the day. There we got the possibility to discuss and solve different tasks and challenges that companies might come across when moving from linear towards circular economy.

This was a great way of ending the day, to discuss the topics we’ve listen to during the day as well as getting to know other participants a bit.

It was a really inspiring day and I feel hopeful about the future we have so much possibilities to move towards a sustainable environment if we really want to.

Update March 1st; you find a longer summary from the day at Vego Eco (in Swedish).




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