Guest critic at Beckmans

Today I’ve had a fantastic day at Beckmans. I was invited as guest critic to give feedback regarding the student’s work to be more accessible. The focus for the students have been to learn more about inclusion and design for all.

I think this is a super important work, to make sure designers get the most valuable knowledge about more sustainable form from the very beginning – to make the environment and products more available. For both environment and humans.

To get a better understanding of the challenges the students tried different challenges with impaired lungs or vision, hard to move and so on. They had gained a lot of knowledge by testing themselves as well as by research. One learning were about valuable entrance, a store rebuilt their entrance to be more accessible and their sales increased with about 25 percent.

The students were most dedicated to come up with solutions to being for all. They presented interesting solutions for calm and welcoming environments for those with physical disabilities, packages that are more inviting and informative together with inspiring suggestions for better approaching those with disabled sight or hearing.

Kartongfärgad mjuk förpackning med vit etikett och dofthål

They were all really great and I’m happy that I got the opportunity to listen to the students and give some feedback and insights to bring on their way. I do hope they will keep all this in mind during their coming work. If all do this, I’m sure we’ll have a much more accessible and inclusive environment in the future.

Överdelen på tetraförpackningar med syntolkning


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