Swedish technology and innovation gathering

Grå bakgrund med texten DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION i vitt och Innovationsriksdagens logotyp i västra, övre hörnet

Innovation and networking at its best. Two intensive and full scheduled days at the Swedish Innovation Parliament of 2017 have been held in Linköping and Norrköping.

I’m happy about all meetings and innovative people I got the opportunity to meet those days. The days have been full of interesting talks with the digital transformation in focus. Two ten years old children opened the Parliament by reminding us that the only one’s that think digital is special are the old one’s. For them it’s just something natural, it’s right here, it’s standard mode and nothing special at all.

Två barn på scen inviger Innovationsrikdagen 2017

Innovative technology with customer focus

And that is what will challenge some areas in the future. Key note speaker Darja Isaksson, member of the Government’s Innovation Council, talked about the customer experience, about what customers really want. We need to design services that provide users what they ask for, in a sustainable way. To do that we need to include the user, what is really needed?

Vit kvinna med mörkt kort hår på scen

Using new and innovative technology might be challenging for some, but it may also occur with old technology. Like Daniel Forslund, innovation commissioner at the Region of Stockholm, put it: 70 percent of his time is spent cleaning up old technology to make new technologies and solutions available.

Another person also addressing the problem with old technology were Mikael Damberg, Minister for Enterprise and Innovation. “I am not afraid of new technology, I’m afraid of old” he said at stage, in company of the robot Elsa who were the host for the evening.

Keynote insights

Charlotte Lejon, Head Of Commercialization And Entrepreneurship at Energimyndigheten highlighted the importance of a sustainable energy system. The force and will to find new solutions that fulfil our needs. Marie Wall, Deputy Director Startups at Ministry of Enterprise, added that innovation needs to be put in a bigger context, create usefulness long-term.

Eva Fors, Nordic Country Manager Google Cloud, talked about the importance of good leadership and to build a successful team. At Google leadership is a bit different compared to others; as boss she can’t recruit, promote or fire people. She is there to let the force fload from the persons that’s there, to be a super coach.


After those days I’m even more convinced that great ideas come out of co-operation. Problem solving is something that has inspired people throughout times and great inventions have come alive. But to solve bigger challenges like climate issues we need to work together.

The parliament days didn’t only provide great speakers but also meetings and networking that will be a base for coming opportunities I hope. No matter profession, we can all contribute together.





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