Thank you Almedalen

Digitalization, inclusion, sustainability… There have been really intensive, inspiring and educating days in Almedalen.

Some of what I were about to attend I have shared with you before, and everything turned out fine. The seminar at Hej Digitalt and Dagens Industri was realy fun to be part of, so smart people, interesting talks and laughs as well. Thank you for having me!

I did my pitch at Serendipity Challenge, Quirkbot didn’t win but it was great to be part of the event anyhow and I really enjoyed the opportunity to pitch such great innovation as Quirkbot.

I’ve had so many meetings and raised the question regarding inclusion and accessibility in regards to the work I do at The National Museum of Science and Technology. Wish there were more time, wanted to attend more than what’s possible, but I guess that’s everyone’s problem during Almedalen week.

Regarding sustainability there were also several interesting seminars, at Vego Eco you can read more about some of that (in Swedish):

Digitalisering för framgångsrikt klimatarbete (Digitization for successful climate work)
Ska frivilligt klimatansvar beskattas? (Shall voluntary climate responsibility be taxed?)
Vegetariskt, en inkluderande kost (Vegetarian, an inclusive diet)

The days have of course been full of countless meetings, thank you all for inspiring discussions. The dinner held by Doberman – thank you Lisa! – was one highlight where I got to know really inspiring people, the ideas that came will continue to be developed during the autumn.




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