Accessible communication at Minib

Workshop, seminars and great talks about inclusion and innovation. The conference Minib, a forum for Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations, has been held with really interesting conversations. I lectured about accessible communication, if and how you do it understandable for all and is it even possible? Thoughts and discussions about that followed as well … Mer Accessible communication at Minib

Culture for all

This week, I’ve attended Culture for all in Helsinki, days full of inspirational insights to be more including. Being both lecturer and participant, I’m happy about those days that offered me both new knowledge as well as new, interesting contacts. A couple of things to mention specially after those days, to make your business more accessible and … Mer Culture for all

Ökad lönsamhet med tillgänglighet

Är tillgänglighet förenlig med lönsamhet eller är det bara en belastning och kostnad? Vad beror det på att företag inte är mer tillgängliga i sin verksamhet och rekrytering när det faktiskt innebär goda affärsmöjligheter? Det kan låta så självklart, eller hur? Om företag arbetar på ett sätt så att fler kan ta del av det … Mer Ökad lönsamhet med tillgänglighet

Thank you Almedalen

Digitalization, inclusion, sustainability… There have been really intensive, inspiring and educating days in Almedalen. Some of what I were about to attend I have shared with you before, and everything turned out fine. The seminar at Hej Digitalt and Dagens Industri was realy fun to be part of, so smart people, interesting talks and laughs … Mer Thank you Almedalen

Inclusion and equality in tech and culture in Almedalen

Now it’s only about hours left until the big event Almedalsveckan begins. The world’s largest democratic venue as the organizers of the week describes it. There’s a program that makes you want to clone yourself more than ever, offering over 3 700 events and seminars it’s about time to do your schedule if not done … Mer Inclusion and equality in tech and culture in Almedalen

Accessibility at The Royal Palace of Stockholm

Today I’ve been discussing development for more effective events and being more accessible at The Royal Palace of Stockholm. It has been a super interesting day indeed, except me lecturing about being for all, how to be more accessible – that inclusion and accessibility is a matter of democracy, all attendances together talked about different … Mer Accessibility at The Royal Palace of Stockholm