Inclusion and equality in tech and culture in Almedalen

Now it’s only about hours left until the big event Almedalsveckan begins. The world’s largest democratic venue as the organizers of the week describes it.

There’s a program that makes you want to clone yourself more than ever, offering over 3 700 events and seminars it’s about time to do your schedule if not done yet.

There is so much to take part of, specially about equality and inclusion within culture and tech that are my matters of heart. And sustainability, my other focus area, is one of the most common topics during the week.

Here are some events that I hope you’ll join that I’ll take part of:

How shall companies and organizations improve digital innovation and service development? Hej Digitalt and Dagens Industri arrange lots of interesting seminars, this is one of them where I’ll talk about digital innovation Program for all seminars by Hej Digitalt you find here

Silicon Valley at Almedalen

Monday and Tuesday Serendipity Challenge will be held, 50 of Sweden’s most innovative companies of the future will exhibit and be available for meetings. Quirkbot is one of the companies that’s competing as we’re selected as one of the finalists, so fun. So you’ll find me there, pitching – come and vote for us! There will except that be lot’s of interesting talks and seminars, the area will during these days turn into Almedalens own Silicon Valley.


There will also be inclusion from the equality perspective during Tuesday. Svenska Filminstitutet will follow up four years after the PR launch of a plan for an equal film industry. Much have happened, Anna Serner has put great effort in making the industry equal but we still have much to do. Something that will be discussed further also after summer at next film festival FemFilmFest that will be held at Zita in Stockholm, September 1 – 4th (the program will be launched soon).


As accessibility is one of the issues I’m passionate about and also my priority focus at the National Museum of Science and Technology, I’ll visit the seminar ”The museum has disability – not the visitors” with FunkTek that’s also working in the same focused way to highlight this important area.

Programming in school

During Wednesday afternoon it’ll be focus on programming and how to get all children and schools more digital. Programming and digital knowledge is of great importance and need to be integrated for all, no matter background, gender or ethnicity. All Swedish Science Centers will be gathered at Programming in schools – to prepare for the jobs of the future. After the seminar it’ll be mingle and making.

Sustainable innovation

Later the same day it’s a nice combination of innovation and sustainability at Sustainable Innovation. An evening with mingle, discussions and inspiring talks as well as opportunity test new technics, come and join us there, it’ll be great fun.

It’s impossible to attend all you want but those days will gain lot’s of contacts and meetings to follow up afterwards as well. Please come and say hi if you’re at any of those events or send a message and we’ll try to meet any other time and have a talk.




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