Quirkbot Serendipity Challenge 2016 finalist in Almedalen

Quirkbot is one of the companies that’s been picked as finalist for Serendipity Challenge 2016. Finalists are companies that has a unique innovation with commercial potential at the global market.

Monday and Tuesday Serendipity Challenge will be held, 50 of Sweden’s most innovative companies of the future will be available for meetings in the Entrepreneur zone in the ”industrial area” in central Visby. The area will during these days turn into Almedalens own Silicon Valley. 24 of the companies are selected – Quirkbot one of them – as finalists and will pitch.

Me and the team are of course very happy for this opportunity. The school faces great challenges in it’s way to be digitalized and is in need of innovative solutions and that’s where Quirkbot comes in.

To be in the final for Serendipity will hopefully put light on the need of digital tools for school. But don’t forget, it’s not only a tool, it’s actually a fun toy for creative building and coding. Build whatever you want and make it come alive with light, sound and movement with your own code.

So come and join us in the Silicon Valley of Almedalen, the Entrepreneur zone where you can meet us and the rest of the innovative companies that have been chosen.

We’d be more than happy if you come and support us, I will pitch for the jury behind closed doors but you can help us win anyway. Except the winners that the jury select for Startup and Growth of the year all companies have the opportunity to win the ”Industry Award” as well as the ”Audience Award”.

So please come and vote for us, by that you also vote for digitalization in school.

More information about Serendipity Challenge 2016

What’s happening Monday – Wednesday in the Entrepreneur zone

Seminar program




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