What do the cinema offer you? Diversity or sexism?

The work for equality in the Swedish film industry has become internationally famous. But does that really come to life also of what we get to see at the cinema?

The past four years Swedish Film Institute has worked hard to get an equal film production. Earlier this year they could present that it has given result but in the end it’s the distributors that decide what movies we actually get to see on the repertoire.

Tomorrow we kick off FemFilmFest for the second time, a feministic film festival that highlight the importance of diversity in the film industry and to get away from bad stereotypes. We show movies that not only follow the path with white males leading the story with women only in sexist angles instead more diverse stories that appeal to many different people. By giving those movies a chance to be seen we at the same time do the important work to get away from unhealthy norms.

FemFilmFest run for four days with a program of diverse movies, the final day we also arrange a panel talk together with Swedish film distributors to talk about their responsibility and what they will and can do to contribute to a diverse and equal range of movies. We want to encourage distributors to take responsibility to take a stand away from sexism and how we present different people on the screen.

Attending the panel are Sture Johansson, Director of Program – SF Bio, Kristin Engstedt, Head of Distr. & Screening – Svenska Filminstitutet, Katrina Mathsson, Director – Folkets bio och Eva Esseen Arndorff, CEO – TriArt Film.

Are you interested in talking further about those topics, to produce or screen movies or other kind of film happenings – don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be glad to take part in any event, seminar, festival or such to continue the work for equality and diversity.

For more information:
All about FemFilmFest
Film festival program 2016
Film distributor panel talk




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