Videos to learn about ecodesign

Clothes on hangers in a row on clothes racks.Ecodesign is the very start to a more sustainable society. With the aim to inspire and educate to get more people to work this way, I’m producing a serie of videos about the topic.

Ecodesign is about minimise the environmental impact and maximise its business impact along its life-cycle by designing a circular system around it.

For some days I have had the joy of being out interviewing role models that will be part of a new platform of tools and resources to dig deep into, to learn about circular economy and ecodesign. The platform will be launched next year as a new sustainability guide within the EU project EcoDesign Circle.

It’s been really fun and inspirational days, I’m so happy to meet such competent persons and having the opportunity to spread the word about their way of working.

Now looots of editing remains, more to come…

Printed keyboards


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