ECFA Conference, film screenings for children

Yesterday I attended ECFA Conference about film screenings for children. An interesting day with reminders to think of what objects do for the children and super inspiring stuff from lots of people working with culture for children.

Two women at a stage, image with children in the background and the text Fostering Creativity - making mor of the film experience

One of them were Fantastic Children’s Film Festival, Amsterdam. They’d really approached the creative part of culture for children – awesome!

There were lots of inspiration and knowledge gathered, giving us tips and insights for culture for children. How to think and what to do, thinking about what an object does for a child. About working with creative things as adding to the film experience. Films inspire and activate the children’s play and vice versa. This deepens their experience. Wondering – exploring – creating!

Two women at a stage, illustrations in the background and the name Taartrovers Film festival

It’s really a creative boost to listen to stories that come alive when working with children. And coming with that, all things that are so appreciated –  that’s a gift.


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