Titanpriset går till #metoo-uppropen

Wow, detta är helt fantastiskt och obeskrivligt underbart!!! Titanpriset på årets Guldägget går till samordningsgruppen för #metoo-uppropen. For an English version, click here Jag är så glad och stolt över att vara del av detta oerhört kompetenta, drivna och underbara gäng som alla kämpar för att åstadkomma förändring. Guldägget är Sveriges äldsta och största kommunikationstävling … Mer Titanpriset går till #metoo-uppropen

Tech heads for sustainability with women power

International Women’s Day has passed with lots of super interesting events all around, with no possibility to attend everything you want. As I were one of the lucky ones getting hold of a ticket to WIT, Women in Tech 2017, my choice were quite simple. The conference brought a lot of inspiration from women leaders … Mer Tech heads for sustainability with women power

Theatre for all

Cute painting I came across today when I were at Theatre Pero in Stockholm. I’m so happy about the possibility to meet such great people, we had many interesting talks and discussions regarding inclusion and how to be a place for all. A place where everyone, no matter disabilities are able to join in. I look … Mer Theatre for all

Accessible communication at Minib

Workshop, seminars and great talks about inclusion and innovation. The conference Minib, a forum for Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations, has been held with really interesting conversations. I lectured about accessible communication, if and how you do it understandable for all and is it even possible? Thoughts and discussions about that followed as well … Mer Accessible communication at Minib

Culture for all

This week, I’ve attended Culture for all in Helsinki, days full of inspirational insights to be more including. Being both lecturer and participant, I’m happy about those days that offered me both new knowledge as well as new, interesting contacts. A couple of things to mention specially after those days, to make your business more accessible and … Mer Culture for all

Build your brand with storytelling and influencers – key insights

Customers need to feel they can identify with your values. Build engagement and trust for your brand is elementary, but how do you succeed and where should you start? You know you need to build the brand and gain trust to get people to pay for your products. To gain loyalty you need to keep … Mer Build your brand with storytelling and influencers – key insights

The Chamber of Commerce donates mini computers to Järvaskolan

Coding is becoming the new reading comprehension and school is an extremely important platform for developing the digital understanding. Society is digitizing at a faster rate and programmers are already a profession where we see a lack of competence. In order to help promote programming at school, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce today has donated a … Mer The Chamber of Commerce donates mini computers to Järvaskolan

Accessibility at The Royal Palace of Stockholm

Today I’ve been discussing development for more effective events and being more accessible at The Royal Palace of Stockholm. It has been a super interesting day indeed, except me lecturing about being for all, how to be more accessible – that inclusion and accessibility is a matter of democracy, all attendances together talked about different … Mer Accessibility at The Royal Palace of Stockholm