Build your brand with storytelling and influencers – key insights

Customers need to feel they can identify with your values. Build engagement and trust for your brand is elementary, but how do you succeed and where should you start?

You know you need to build the brand and gain trust to get people to pay for your products. To gain loyalty you need to keep up with the trends but also by starting from “why”, like Simon Sinek talks about in “The Golden Circle”. What will you fill your “why” with, what’s the purpose and belief?

There are several ways to succeed in telling your target group about this, to build your brand. In the digital landscape we’re part of today, some are more efficient than other. That’s why every brand should have their own story, with storytelling you can tell a history that appeals to heart and brain.


You’re also able to work with two important and effective ways of marketing, influencers and content marketing. Those two are close friends and it’s important to have a context and be relevant if you team up with an influencer. The need of great content is relevant, an empty message is nothing to communicate. Not even with a great influencer you can fool your target group if you have nothing to really tell them.

When you have your story you can effectively work to fill your different channels with great content, with or without influencers. What’s not to forget is to follow this up and keep track on digital trends. The algoritms in social media rule what to be shown, which means you always have to keep track on what’s happening to not fall out. The channels prioritize what’s gaining themselves like Facebook promoting their own stuff like Facebook live. What’s next to be prioritized in the feed?


Use digital assets to measure what you do, what works and what’s not? Use CRM to target right content to right people, like vegans doesn’t want ads for meat etc. But big data doesn’t do the work alone. Today investment in analysis might be more effective than advertising.

Key insights

  • Your story! Storytelling is your highway to effective communication with influencers and content marketing.
  • What’s next? Keep updated, coming trends among your audience but also technical changes in the platforms you’re using.
  • Invest in analysis
  • To succeed, make sure you have management that understands the digital and technical development. To be number one you have to be curious and have leaders in the company that understand the importance of risking to fail while testing new stuff.



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