Enriching to meet people

Photo by Samuel Zeller

Social media and digital opportunities bring people together, it’s a great way to connect. But don’t forget about the personal meeting.

I really enjoy talking with people, get inspired about their knowledge and engagement. I think the meeting with people enrich so much.

Seminars offer great possibilities to do this, meet people, learn, engage and hopefully leave from there, full of knowledge and new contacts. I recently moderated and lectured a seminar that was that inspiring, I’m so happy about all great people I met there and the response from the seminar.

Soon there are some other events coming up that I look forward to, with new inspiring opportunities. I will talk about inclusion in culture and school environments at Skolforum in Stockholm and how you can put on a mindset to be an including place for all at Culture for All in Helsinki. At European Forum for Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations in Warsaw I will talk about communication that is for all.

I will also moderate the very interesting Brainchild days in Stockholm, two days that highlight, inspire and educate about special gifted children. Super interesting and important, don’t miss that!

In december it will be focus on environment when I’ll talk about sustainable eco design at Stenkrossen in Lund, nice kick off into Christmas mode as well.

I really like that those events are so different, I believe that will bring even more inspiration and new insights. I really look forward to this, please let me know if you’re there – it would be great to meet.

More info about the mentioned events:



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