Eco design

Design has a huge impact on a product or service ecological footprint. In order to get students to be aware of, and more focused on, sustainable solutions the educations need to have this important mindset in place. During one course at Beckmans College of Design, where I have been teaching sustainability, the students have focused … Mer Eco design

Barn är olika – lär dig mer om barn med särskild begåvning

Särbegåvning är en funktionsvariation som senaste åren välbehövligt har fått mer uppmärksamhet. Men fortfarande är kunskapen om hur dessa barn ska upptäckas och bemötas ibland låg bland både föräldrar och pedagoger. Brainchild syftar till att minska denna okunskap.  Lördag den 25 november och måndag 27 november arrangeras två heldagar kring ämnet. Lördagen är riktad till … Mer Barn är olika – lär dig mer om barn med särskild begåvning

After #metoo, what actions do we take?

This has been planned since long, but is now more actual and important than ever. A panel talk about transparency and sexism in the film industry during Stockholm International Film Festival: Hollywood is reacting, but how are we doing in Scandinavia? Women should be able to pursue their careers without having to accept unwanted sexual … Mer After #metoo, what actions do we take?

Accessible communication at Minib

Workshop, seminars and great talks about inclusion and innovation. The conference Minib, a forum for Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations, has been held with really interesting conversations. I lectured about accessible communication, if and how you do it understandable for all and is it even possible? Thoughts and discussions about that followed as well … Mer Accessible communication at Minib

Culture for all

This week, I’ve attended Culture for all in Helsinki, days full of inspirational insights to be more including. Being both lecturer and participant, I’m happy about those days that offered me both new knowledge as well as new, interesting contacts. A couple of things to mention specially after those days, to make your business more accessible and … Mer Culture for all

Accessibility at The Royal Palace of Stockholm

Today I’ve been discussing development for more effective events and being more accessible at The Royal Palace of Stockholm. It has been a super interesting day indeed, except me lecturing about being for all, how to be more accessible – that inclusion and accessibility is a matter of democracy, all attendances together talked about different … Mer Accessibility at The Royal Palace of Stockholm