5 ways to become more including

Equality should be something natural, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Every company and brand should already have solved old structures that exclude and discriminate and instead be including and equal.

How can we reach that? I often get the question of how to become a place where everyone feel they are welcome, can take part of what’s offered. As of most of things, it starts with the company’s leadership who needs to highlight the importance of being a place for all.

As communicator at Tekniska museet, National Museum of Science and Technology, the focus of my work is just about this. How can everyone take part of what the museum has to offer? Many people with disabilities don’t think it’s any use to visit a museum or other kind of cultural places as they think they can’t take part of what’s offered.

To solve this the museum made it’s latest exhibition in co-creation with the guests. Hundreds of children have been part of making the exhibition, to make it as including as possible. Something for all, where you can experience together and be a more including place will be reality if done with those who will experience it later.

Test of installation at MegaMind. Photo: Anna Gerdén

It’s a democratic right to be able to experience exhibitions and other kind of open places. It’s also the right to do it as an employee. To be inclusive, offer what’s there in several ways to make sure people that e.g. lacks a sense still will be able to contribute.

So how do you start? It’s not that hard, values that are within most of us just need to be highlighted and put at the importance level it should be.

  1. Leadership
  2. Make sure your the leadership of the company prioritate equality and inclusion.
  3. Co-creation
  4. By working with co-creation you get the view of others. Co-creation help all involved to see other perspectives and learn by others. The result will be so much better, both in regards to what’s offered but also among the people working there.
  5. Network
  6. Don’t keep good examples to yourself. Share with others, invite them to take part of your work as well as listen to good examples by others.
  7. Education
  8. Knowledge is often a key to open people’s minds. Once you’ve seen structures that miscredit people because of gender or disabilities you won’t be able to close your eyes again. Educate people in your team how to work as well as how you treat people, that will make a big difference.
  9. Available communications
  10. Be available and including when you communicate, both when talking with people but also in regards to your information. Be clear, both on the web and in public areas to provide confidence and the opportunity for all to take part of information.

If you let more people take part of what you offer, you’re able to grow your business. So what are you waiting for?

In need of help to become more inclusive? Just give me a call or drop me an email.



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