The Chamber of Commerce donates mini computers to Järvaskolan

Coding is becoming the new reading comprehension and school is an extremely important platform for developing the digital understanding.

Society is digitizing at a faster rate and programmers are already a profession where we see a lack of competence. In order to help promote programming at school, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce today has donated a class set of Quirkbot’s to the newly founded Järvaskolan in Stockholm.

All Quirkbot’s were handed over to students and school CEO Amir Sajadi by Maria Rankka, CEO of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and also VP of the Stockholm City Programming Commission. A number of students immediately began building different things with straws and Strawbees, then coding Quirkbots to make their creations come alive. The school will continue to work with Quirkbot as part of the work to increase digital understanding and integrate code in school’s everyday work.

It is really great to see how creative tools can increase the interest in the technical and digital area. Approaching coding in a creative way facilitates understanding. But maybe best of all, the language is universal, gender and ethnicity becomes irrelevant.

Here you find today’s pressrelease (in Swedish)


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