Busy? Or doing nothing?

”You write so much, share so much! I love following you as you share and write so much inspiring content”.

This is something that I’ve been told several times from friends and followers, this makes me very happy of course. I want others to find great articles, get inspiration and knowledge, the same reason as most others have as well when sharing.

I write own texts, not only sharing others. I do this because I’m inspired by something, want to tell others about it or just to get others to know of my expertise and knowledge within the specific area.

So yes, my days are very busy but as a consultant you’re almost always looking for more clients. I would love to hear from anyone that’s in need of a person with long experience from film- and media industry, skilled project manager and communicator. Who loves to write and care about the environment and social welfare.

To you who might be in need of my expertise, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d love to take on new clients.




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