Businesses needs of individualism and engagement

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Thanks to digital solutions you get closer to consumers and individualism is important, treat the customers personally. Offers that attracts, complements and solve problems or desires increases the will to remain as a customer. With relevant and good content this will spread and the brand strengthens.

Brands and lifestyle are very much linked together and with digital communication the contact with consumers will be both important and natural. By working effectively with social media and find ways to engage you build a personal relationship which can be your help to reach out to new customers.

Brands and engagement

In ten years 40 percent of companies at Fortune 500 will be gone someone has said and to be among those companies that still will be here you need to connect and interact to strengthen your brand. Be the brand that consumers think is the one that solves their problems, helps to make them feel better and at the same time shows that it is working also for our society to maintain in the future through sustainable work.


We must all take responsibility for the environment and by letting your company be transparent and talk about what you stand for will make it easier for consumers to make their choice. Oatly is a good example of how to build loyalty by being totally open with their work and with transparency talk about their products and explains how they respond when being sued for their design.


In addition to transparency and a strategy for its sustainability companies that are related to health should also make sure they work out a good strategy to communicate this. Most time online is spent to search for health and medical information according Raw Agency’s Raw Report. The most read page in this area is Flashback, which says a lot about the lack of good and relevant content from companies within the industry. A company that will focus on creating relevant content and put effort in their digital presence will undoubtedly has much to win. You will be a credible source, the brand that people can trust.

I hope to see good examples in the near future. Would you like to discuss ideas or plans for your business, you’re most welcome to contact me.



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