Cooperation and change to achieve digital development

Photo: Gerd Altmann

Connectivity changes our social behavior history. Do you remember the times when we went to the store to find what we were looking for? Now the store has to come to us.

With digitization the customer has the power and companies must work harder to earn them. By working effectively with digital solutions and social media marketing you can effectively increase loyalty and strengthen the brand. But what’s also required is great service. With the new way to consume, whether it is about physical products or online content requires technological solutions that attract customers.

Digital development

There are still illegal alternatives that are better than legal and that is a problem that should be solved by now. With young people referring to Swefilm as the best movie and tv content provider due to well functioning platform and frequent updates instead of reflecting on the illegal must be all rights advocates nightmare.


Even the physical trade may, however, review its way of working to make it easy for the customer. Volvo Roam Delivery is an example of simplicity for the customer where logistics is a key to effective service. But at the same time an important part of sustainability efforts, how can you streamline and coordinate logistics to minimize environmental impact?

Digital marketing expertise

It requires a management and board that want to invest in digital development to move forward. You have to integrate the work from the top, with that comes new ideas, better collaboration and communication. Add digital expertise to your communication to gain impact and let that person educate the colleagues to be involved in the process.

I’d be glad to be that person, to contribute to the digital development, to work with companies that want to be a positive part of the elaboration. Reconciling digital business development in strategic digital communications to offer interesting solutions for consumers. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in my services.




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