Digital transformation

People talk about the change of marketing mechanisms. Social media getting normal and how hard it is to interact with people as many tend to block ads and strictly select what kind of info they want. But this also goes hand in hand with the digital transformation within the media industry and it’s transformation.

I recently heard Mikael Ahlström talking about these changes, how we in our normal lives have had such an impact on the change but not thinking of it. Like when we stopped buying records as we started to consume music online, not thinking of the changes that caused to the industry. What more will go through that change? What will we start doing differently in our everyday life, not reflecting what it might change to more people than yourself?

Big data

But how will the digital help us? The big transformation will happen when you start using the data and not just collecting it. Customers have taken the lead and 83 % of marketers don’t have an overview of the communication according to Oracle. You need to visualize what you want with the data, collect it but don’t forget to connect. Establish customer journeys by using data will help the digital transformation in the right way.

By using data in a personalized form you are able to interact with customers and send relevant information instead of scaring them off. Sure, everyone knows that by now – but why are so few actually doing it? How often do you receive a birthday email with relevant gifts and offers? Or discount on something you shown interest for? Or a friendly reminder when something you have bought probably is about to run out?

Digital and strategy

Use the data you have, not just collect it – that will make both you and the customer more happy. It’s not about digital strategy, it’s about strategy in digital marketing. How will your brand gain loyalty? Interact, personalize and be relevant.




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