5 ways to build your brand and get loyal customers

What is it that makes you connect with a brand? And what do companies do to make us care about them? Questions that have been asked before but in today’s digital world the answers might differ from before. Today the power of the brand is more in the hands of consumers than ever.

With this digital, social world that surrounds us, a company do not own their brand anymore – it belongs to the consumers. With successful activities in social media, buzz and charing lead to increased sales. But how to be the brand people talk about? I often hear marketers complain that they lack expertise in this area.

If you think about a personal brand, it sometimes becomes clearer. A person holds a lecture that the audience appreciate gets tweeted about. Together with hashtags it will be easy for others to take advantage of the tips and the lecturer can instantly see an increased number of followers on Twitter, name searches rises as well as the objective of the business; more lectures are booked.

Relevant content

So how can you use this simple comparison for a product? Great content will be shared. Even if the product itself is not newsworthy for the day, great content is. Make sure you are working with inbound marketing using different communicative channels when talking with your audience, give them something they want to share. Is it knowledge, entertainment, problem solutions? Create content that is relevant and interesting where your consumers are and later lead them to your brand. If it is sufficiently attractive the sharing propensity will help you connect with others.

How can you use this for your brand? Five ways to do it:

  1. Work with emotions, feelings create commitment. People want to be loved! By being personal you can build confidence and loyalty.
  2. Tell a story. Let your customers get to know your values by being honest and transparent.
  3. Exceed expectations. By doing that and even surprising your customer he or she will be more likely to come back. Send personalised greetings with your deliveries, provide offers that are relevant. They will know that being a customer to you means being treated well and personally and that it will be a positive experience when the delivery arrives.
  4. Social media. Off course you need a social media plan.
  5. Analyse. Not to forget. You need to follow up all your visibility to be sure you are on track with your blog posts, downloads, social media etc. This should be done at every stage, each campaign.

Use the opportunities that the digital world offers to reach your target audience and build commitment. This, together with a personal approach is a very good start to get loyal customers and build your brand.



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