What is good leadership?

What do you think about leadership? Your own and your boss? Some time ago I listened to Kaja Wannberg, business consultant, who spoke about effective leadership. What I found interesting was that much of successful leadership is emotional.

For me it has always been an obvious way to lead, to include commitment and empathy. If you also delegate to the team, give them responsibility and influence over their work, that will lead to profitability in a productive way. Therefore, it was interesting to hear how Wannberg told us that these qualities have proven to be effective ways to lead.

Some different types of leaders were mentioned:
A Let go leader do not tell why, what or how.
A conventional leader tells what and how.
A developing leader tells why and what but leave to the employee to answer how.

EQ leadership

What is particularly interesting is the EQ leadership that today is more important to success than IQ. The ability to recognize emotions is something that we learn over time and has greater value on leadership than IQ. Emotional intelligence is an essential part of the whole person. EQ leaders have knowledge about themselves and are aware of the emotional experiences. They are receptive to new ideas, have passion for what they do and also the ability to get others to experience the same.

Mixed teams

It is interesting that more and more information shows the importance of having mixed teams of both women and men to gain more effective work and that companies with women in managing positions have higher outcome etc. Historically emotional competence has not always been a prominent merit, but at the same time something women often are talked about being good at.

My belief is that people who feel they can influence their work, be a person who contributes to the company’s development and success and be seen for his or hers expertise will feel better, both mentally and professionally and thus perform better. Simply be a better employee, which will benefit both the individual and the company.




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